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Rebounding - Offensive Rebounding

Following up on last weeks article on defensive rebounding, we are going to talk about what happens on the Offensive Boards this week. If you missed last weeks article, you can check it out here.

Offensive rebounding is a very important part of every Coach's offense. Nothing will frustrate the opposition more, than when they play good hard nosed, aggressive defense, and you get two, or three rebounds for more shots at the basket until you score. Keys for offensive rebounding are being really aggressive and wanting the ball more than anyone else on the court and also, you must be quick on your feet and try and establish inside position on the defender. This is an excellent way to pick up easy baskets. 

 Getting Position:

The defense should already be between you and the basket and trying to box you out. You've got to make a fake one way, and quickly move your feet and slip around her to the other side. Once you are in, now you box her out. Another way to get inside position is to "swim" over the defender. If your marker does not have her hands up, put your forearm on top of hers, pinning it down (without grabbing or holding), and then move your feet and step around and over the opponents foot on that side and get inside rebounding position.

You must develop a mindset, regardless, of how you good your teammates are, that every shot will be missed. If the shot is coming from the corner, remember that 70% of misses will go on the opposite side, so be ready to rebound on the weak side.  

 Once you've got the ball, be strong and powerful get it right back up to the basket, usually off the backboard. There is a huge chance that you will get fouled and now will be within a chance to complete the "And 1". Expect contact when you're inside, be strong and try and finish the shot. Do not just wait for the foul, always try and finish the play. Work hard the entire game and make your opponent work. You can actually wear out the opponent by the end of the game. When your team is behind, the two most important elements of catching up are defense and rebounding. If you can stop the opposition from scoring, you give your team a chance to catch up. Many close games are decided by tough inside plays. It may not be pretty in the paint, but all coaches appreciate players who work hard and do the dirty work.