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6 Quick Steps to Being a Better Perimeter Defender

Defense is ninety percent heart and ten percent skill, and your success on the court is determined by your will and commitment to the task. However, they are certain things that you can do to help improve your chances of success when playing defense on the perimeter.

  1. Stay Low: You should always aim to have your shoulders lower than that of the person your marking. By keeping your shoulders lower, you are going to be slightly more explosive and more likely to beat your offense to the spot they want to get to.
  2. An Arm's Length: Being too far is an advantage to the offense, they will just pull up and shoot. If you are too close, then they will just drive by you. Remember, the Arm's length rule. If you are unsure, just stick your arm out to reach and see how far you are.
  3. Short Steps: Footwork is key in the defensive game. Taking long steps as the offense drives only helps to slow you down. Always keep your step short and chop your feet as you move.
  4. Active Hands: We always remember to use our hands when we have the ball, but forget to use them properly when we're on defense, especially whilst defending the dribble penetration. Have one hand ready to deflect any passes and another hand low to prevent the crossover. While defending the drive, use your lower hand to poke the ball from underneath and then deflect any passes or quick shots with the "deflection hand".
  5. Up, Not Down: As you poke the ball or try and steal it, you must always remember to never hit down on the ball. swinging down is too aggressive and you are more likely to garner the referees attention. Swipe up at the ball and you'll be more likely to get all ball and not hand.
  6. Get Fit: Playing defense isn't easy, if it was, then anyone could do it. The best defenders have strong core muscles. Your hips, abs and Glutes will be strong and help you remain balanced and allow you to move quickly in all directions. Jump rope to help you increase foot speed.

The best way to become a great defender is to read your opponent and get to know them quickly. if you can watch a game of theirs, then do it. Good defenders are smart defenders.