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Becoming an MVP!

Our challenge to you for the next couple of weeks is for you to become a More Valuable Player. Why would you do this? Becoming a More Valuable Player will help you get more game time, make your teammates better and improve your teams' chances of success.

 There is no excuse for not becoming a better and more valuable player because everything you need to achieve that is in your control. They have nothing to do with your height, athleticism, talent or even coaches or referees. This is your CHOICE!! Whether you play 40 minutes a game or you play 2 minutes a game, here's what you can do to become an MVP:

  1. Arrive at every practice early so you can put in some extra work. Don't use the excuse,"the gym is unavailable". Do some dribbling on the corridors or some passing with your teammates outside. Warm-up and stretch out before you enter the hall, so that you're ready to go as soon as you have access to the hall. When you enter the hall, don't just stand around waiting for practice to start. Work on something your coach has mentioned to you. Prepare for the workout that's about to start.
  2. Apply yourself and give it everything you can at every practice. You've already made the effort to be at practice; you're already here, you may as well may it count. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, dive after loose balls, take charges, set solid screens, block out on every shot, sprint the floor on offense and defense, even when you're tired, push yourself to sprint hard. Fatigue should not be an excuse. Doing these things are choices that you can make and will help make your team better. Doing these in practice will mean you'll automatically do them in games and help your team succeed! Practice with maximum effort and energy every single time you step on the floor.
  3. Talk to your coach. Ask to speak to your coach privately and ask them what you can do to make your team better. Then, do whatever he requests you to!!
  4. Communicate effectively. This is invaluable. If you want to be a great, successful team, you must embrace this. Talk on defense; echo all your coaches calls, both offensive and defensive; encourage your teammates and give reminders. This is an immediate and effective way to add value and make your team better. Trust me, the intensity, energy and enthusiasm will immediately go up! Just Talk!!