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 Attitude - "The Right Stuff"

 Developing a proper attitude is a key aspect to not only the game of basketball, but to all other areas of your life, whether its in school, work or in your social life. To become winners, we must understand and recognise how important those around us are. Our Team-mates, in this case. We've all heard of the saying, "United we Stand, Divided we Fall!!" We, as a team, must stick together; we must work on our offense as one unit, with good passes and always looking for our open team-mate, but we must never be afraid to shoot the ball. If you are open and within your shooting range, then pull the trigger. Part of being a good team-mate is scoring and taking good shots. If you miss a couple, forget about them, because you will make the next one.

 Always keep in mind that basketball is not an undefeated game. This means that you will lose some and you will win some. The other thing to remember is that, nobody ever has a perfect game. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever, did not have a perfect game. He occasionally missed shots, had turnovers and forgot to set screens too. So, don't beat yourself up for making a mistake or two. Just stay focused and keep on playing hard and things will work out.

 Nobody is perfect.... The Coaches make an occasional mistake, as do the referees... so expect a couple of bad calls and don't let it get to you. John Wooden, who is arguably the best basketball Coach ever, once said, "Even a Good Garden may Have Some Weeds."

 Being a good team-mate is playing hard on defense. Every loose ball and every rebound should be pursued relentlessly. Its all about who wants the basketball more, and if you want it more than the opposition, you'll usually get it. learn how to properly "Box-out". Continue to work on setting good screens on offense, so that you not only get your team-mate free for an easy shot, but so that you can have a scoring opportunity as well. It's usually the screener who's open. If you don't know how to set a good screen or are unsure, than ask you Coach. Being a good team-mate also means coming to the game focused, prepared and always giving it your best shot. You should play every game as hard as you can. This means encouraging and being positive to your team-mates on and off the court. Together you can win!! For you to become Champions, you must first learn to trust one another, believe and respect each other. In other words, have good Team Chemistry.

 Proper Attitude means that you must respect the game and therefore show respect to your team-mates, your opponents, the referees and the crowd. Your opposition are just trying to do their best, just like you are. Do not ever try and "show boat" or "trash-talk" your opponents. 

 Never play "dirty".... it's just not worth it! You only manage to lower yourself and your teams reputation by doing it. Play hard with enthusiasm and energy, but play with class. Make your parents and coaches proud. Don't argue with the referees. They're human and as we mentioned above, might not always make the right call, but that's just life. It's not always fair. You just have to focus on what is within your control and make the best of any situation. You will always be remembered for how you act on the floor. When you win, do not gloat or rub it in your opponents face. Shake their hands and thank them for a good game.

 When you're on the floor, always play as hard as you can, but as soon as the game is over, it's over. Learn from your mistakes so that you can do better next time. Always look to improve. But remember, You don't have to win a trophy to be a winner!!