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 8 Ways To Maximise Every Practice Session

The old saying is, "you play how you practice". There is truth to that statement and players and coaches should do everything they can to maximise every practice and make it as effective and game like as they possibly can. Here's 8 things that PLAYERS should do to maximise every practice.

  1. Be well fuelled, well hydrated, well rested and take care of your body. Do some simple body exercises and stretches 2 - 3 times a week.
  2. Get to every practice early. Don't wait for practice to start, prepare for it. Making 100 shots before every practice will have an enormous effect over the course of the season.
  3. Approach every practice with a game like mentality. After all, how you do anything is how you do everything. Do you want to play well in every game? Then, you must practice well every day.
  4. Listen with your eyes. Your coaches wouldn't say it if it wasn't important. Absorb everything your coaching staff and your team-mates say by maintaining eye contact.
  5. Leave your comfort zone in every practice. Leave it mentally. Leave it physically. Leave it emotionally. You should be drained at the end of every practice. Leave everything out on the floor!!
  6. Make your enthusiasm contagious. Raise the level of those around you with constant energy. Be vocal.
  7. Be the "Glue Guy" or the "Glue Girl". Glue binds and holds things together. Be the glue on your team. Make sure your team stays together through thick and thin.
  8. Value the ball for the entire practice. Every drill. Every scrimmage. Every play. Don't take any bad shots or make any sloppy passes. 

Originally written by Alan Stein of www.StrongerTeam,.com (@AlanStein on Twitter) 

Alan Stein

Owner & Head Strength & Conditioning Coach | Stronger Team, LLC

6813 Granby St | Bethesda, MD 20817

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